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Wire Wheel & Tyre Sets – TR2-4A



Wire wheels are synonymous with classic British cars, and a set of new wire wheels really enhances the look of your classic.

Our range of wheel & tyre packages are assembled by the wire wheel specialists, Motor Wheel Services (MWS), and supplied as a set of 4 wheels & tyres ready to fit on your car. MWS have done the hard work for you. Each set of wheels & tyres is assembled & balanced by their tyre fitting specialists and inflated.

Balancing a wire wheel is a specialised operation and most modern tyre fitters do not have the correct balancing equipment to mount the wire wheel centre on the balancing machine. The centre needs to be mounted in the correct position to ensure that the readings on the machine are accurate and the correct balance weights are added. MWS has all the correct equipment to ensure that the wheel is perfectly balanced and ready to fit

Please Note:

  • Wheel & tyres sets are supplied with 4 wire wheels with 4 matched tyres.
  • Tyres are inflated – Please refer to the workshop manual or handbook for correct tyre pressures and set accordingly.
  • Spinners are not included with the tyre and wheel set.
  • Unless specifically requested all wheels & tyre packages will come balanced to the inside.
  • Wire wheel & tyre packages can be supplied in 4-5 days. Subject to availability.

Additional information


4×15", 4,5×15"




Chrome, Painted


48 Spoke, 60 Spoke

Tyre Brand

Blockey, Vredestein

Tyre Size

165VR15, 165HR15